Pockets are for safety

What’s wrong with the woman in the picture? She has no pockets!

Her (choice of) clothing means she’s having to keep her phone, ID, keys, money, and other vital items in a single, easy to steal item. Being unable to distribute important items around her body leaves her extremely vulnerable in the event of a crime.

A lot of safety / pickpocket prevention tips involve the use of pockets, especially zippable or internal pockets. So clothing that doesn’t have any, leaves you with the advice of keep your bag close to you.

Being stranded without your phone to call someone, money to get a taxi, or ID to get home would be a nightmare. It’s super important that when you’re travelling you prioritise clothes with pockets.

It’s super hard right now to find adequate pockets but it is something you should think about when going on holiday, or even just your daily commute.

PS Yesterday we saw this neat post about dresses for travel that have pockets

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