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I (Steph), the main author, am a techy and in particular I’m a data focussed techy who loves building open source things. One of the nifty things I think that could be done with this site is use it to build some cool open source tools for bringing the message of pockets to the masses!

We can do things like:

  • commiserating with people who are lacking pockets (not funds, but actual pockets)
  • celebrating with people who do have pockets
  • promoting companies who are showcasing products that have lots of pockets and are aimed at women
  • gathering pocket related news from the internet

As well nifty analytical challenges, there are also other technical and non-technical ways to get involved with the site, from extending the site to writing posts.

If you’d like to get involved, talk to us initially in the comments whilst we get the mechanisms sorted.

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