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Welcome to Girls with Deep Pockets!

I’m Steph and I’ve been continuously disappointed by the lack of pockets in my clothes for years. They’re either missing, fake, or hopelessly inadequate for fitting anything reasonable like a phone in them.

I don’t know whether it’s the fashion industry’s focus on trying to make us look awesome, and sacrificing convenience on the way, or whether it’s actually a conspiracy to force us into the purchase of handbags, and adding dramatically to their bottom line.

Irrespective of the cause, I want to combat this! I want to celebrate the awesome people out there giving pockets to the masses. I want to know where I can buy these nifty bits of apparel. I want to put my phone in a frickin’ pocket and not worry about it falling out.

So please join me in my quest!

If you can recommend a clothing line, a website, or simply want to show off a purchase, here is the place to do it. Currently, the ways of helping involve filling out this quick form or if you’re feeling technical, you can submit your own post.

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